The Ultimate Deal on 5 Best Underwater Fish Lights for 2019

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If you love fishing then most of the time you’ll be casting your line out during the day and hoping to get a catch. Fishing lights though offer you the opportunity to fish at any time of the day where you can attract fish to your light to enjoy a great nighttime fishing experience.

There are a few important considerations though before you choose the best underwater fishing light for your trip, such as the type of light it is and the number of lumens that it has. The color of the light is also vitally important as is the crucial aspect of them being waterproof.

In order to find the best submersible fishing light we have looked through the underwater fishing light reviews to make sure we could list the best products on the market. We have also written a buying guide to answer all of the questions you have so you can find the top rated submersible fishing light for you

Our Top Pick

48 LED Underwater Fishing Light 

48 LEDs Boat Fishing Lighting Attract Fish Underwater Night Lights

48 LEDs Boat Fishing Lighting Attract Fish Underwater Night Lights

This is a highly-effective LED light which has eight different sides so it’s going to give you a huge amount of 360 degree coverage. It shines brightly with 1500 lumens due to its 48 separate LED lights. It will be able to attract a large variety of different fish for a great catch. It comes with a waterproof wire length of 19.2ft. 

It is equally effective in both fresh water and salt water and will give you over 50,000 hours of continual use. This is a great light which will be able to give you a great night of fishing.

  • 48 LED Lights
  • 19.2 ft Fishing Line
  • 1500 Lumens
  • 50000 Hours of Use 

Editors Choice

12V 120 LED 1000 Lumens Lure Bait 

12V 120LED 1000Lumens Lure Bait 10W Night Fishing Finder Lamp Light shads fishing LED boat fishing Deep Drop Underwater Light 4

12V 120LED 1000Lumens Lure Bait 10W Night Fishing Finder Lamp Light shads fishing LED boat fishing Deep Drop Underwater Light 4

This is a underwater fishing light which comes in three different colors of blue, green or white. It’s a highly bright light which will be able to attract the likes of prawns, fish and squid depending on which type of light color that you choose.

The LED lights are five-sided so it will be able to shine in a 360-degree beam angle to give you the full amount of coverage. It has a brightness of 1000 lumens but runs off an ultra-low battery and can run up to 50,000 hours on continuous use. It allows you to fish at depths of 19.2 ft

  • 1000 Lumens
  • 50,000 Hours
  • 19.2 ft Fishing line 
  • Green Fishing Light

Best Value 

Glowing Eel LED Deep Drop Underwater Fishing Light Lure

This is the most practical method of underwater fishing, all you need is a fishing line and you can attach this onto it. Come in 4 different colors and has a low power consumption and an ultra long shine. The lamp will light up when thrown into the water and has a battery life of 100 hours.

  • Attaches to your line
  • Maximum output
  • Submersible up to 2,100 feet


Glowing Eel 500 Underwater LED Light Strip

IP68 Waterproof 5050 LED Strip,12V 60LED/M 5M flexible Strip,White Warm White RGB,Underwater Use for Swimming Pool,Fish Tank

IP68 Waterproof 5050 LED Strip,12V 60LED/M 5M flexible Strip,White Warm White RGB,Underwater Use for Swimming Pool,Fish Tank

While not specifically marketed as a fishing product, many users have taken this out to the water and achieved great results and it comes in the green color that is associated with being able to attract a large amount of fish to your line.

It has a long life span of over 50,000 hours with 500 separate LED lights which have a low temperature and also have a low power consumption too. The lights are ultra-bright and reliable as well as being flexible so you can use them wherever.

  • Long Lifespan
  • 500 LED Lights 
  • A Flexible Strip of Lights
  • Interchangeable Colours 


Glowing Eel 1500W Underwater Fishing Light

A industrial size underwater fishing light that provides the most brightness from our above options that is going to guarantee to lure the most fish towards your boat.  

It has a long life span of 500000 hrs. and provides a beam angle of 360 degrees.

It also has a whooper 165000 Lumen which can light up entire small lake. Only downsides are it weighs 21 Kg and has a size of 150*660mm.

  • 165000 Lumens
  • 500000 hrs
  • 21 KG Weight
  • 150*660 mm Dimension

How To Choose The Best Underwater Fishing Light – Buying Guide

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There are three different types of fishing lights which are LED, uncovered and a covered bulb. They are all excellent bulbs for attracting fish they all their advantages and disadvantages.

LED – There is a reason why LED lights are becoming increasingly popular and that is due to their considerable advantages. Perhaps their most well-known advantage is the ability to last for such a long period of time. The standard measurement of this is that they will run for 50,000 hours which is dramatically more than other options.

They also don’t require much energy for the brightness they can produce and don’t overheat either. LED lights are a perfect choice for your underwater lights, they are slightly more expensive than halogen lights, but this extra cost is more than paid back over their lifespan.

Uncovered – Uncovered blub systems don’t require any maintenance and are produced from the traditional type of light bulbs that we have long seen with halogen lights being a popular choice as well as metal halide and mercury vapor bulbs. They can be used in any environment but lack the long-term qualities that can be produced with LED bulbs.

Covered – These are more safe and secure but do some with some major downsides. They are generally a lot more expensive but don’t make up for that cost with an increase in light levels and can actually shine dimmer than an uncovered light due to the barrier between it and the water. Again, these lights lack the brightness, lifespan and small power output of an LED light.

Lumen Ratings

A lumen is a unit measurement which is a measure of the amount of visible light which is emitted by a source. It goes without saying that the higher this number, the brighter that the light is going to be. It’s a key feature that companies will want to promote but how many lumens you need might depend on what you are using the light for and where.

The products that we have reviewed here all give you a significant amount of light and one of the key advantages of LED products is their ability to produce a large number of lumens for only a small amount of energy consumption. Lumens though are an easy reference point for you to know how much light you’ll be getting.

Wattage has long been used by many as a measure of how bright a light will be but two lights with the same wattage might not always produce the same amount of light and therefore lumens is a better measure of it.


A blub in the water is not the same as a bulb on the land as light can’t travel as far through the water as it does through the air. How bright you need your light to be can depend on a few key factors such as how clear the water is that you’re going to be fishing on. Also if you are attaching a light onto a hook then you won’t need a light that is as bright as other options as this will just be acting as something which will give you that extra bit of help in the water.

If you want to attract a large amount of fish though then getting a light which has at least 800 lumens would be a good starting point but there are many products out there that offer 1,000 lumens of brightness or even 1,500. This will give you the best chance of drawing those fish in.


When looking into getting an underwater fishing light you have to consider how big it is, how much it’s going to weigh and how easy it’s going to be for you carry around. This obviously depends on what type of fishing that you’re going to be doing and if you’re on a boat, how big it is and what type of storage space that it has. You don’t want to be left carrying around something that is far too heavy and going to weigh you down


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What is an Underwater Fishing Light?


A common myth is that the underwater fishing light is suppose to attract the fish but in reality its actually the microscopic plankton which gets drawn towards the light and for this reason the insects in the ground are also drawn towards the light. In the water these leads towards a bump on affect which allows you to be able to catch more of the same fishes.

The plankton which gets attracted towards the fishing light attracts the smaller fish which then in turn attract the much larger fish and predators, eventually this will lead you down all the way in the food chain where then you can get the largest fish waiting to strike on their prey. The larger fish do not head towards the fish instead lurk around in the shadows waiting for their opportunity.

A highly effective tip when fishing with an underwater light is to fish at feeding spots as the fish will be expecting a fishing frenzy which will allows results to happen more quickly.

The underwater light adds visibility when you are fishing but also increases the chances of find the perfect catch. The requisite is it the fishing light needs to be waterproof, durable and be luminous it can then aide your fishing routine.

Why Do I Need an Underwater Fishing Light?

You only want to catch a certain fish and might be looking for the hardest fishing challenges and don’t want any assistance from fishing aids.

If any of these conditions apply to you than the fishing underwater light would not be of great use. An underwater fishing light improves your chances of making a great catch and increases the number of fish you can catch exponentially. Therefore, catching fish is what you like to do and anything aides you are great.

The underwater fishing light will allow your time out on the water easier and a greater experience than ever. No matter if you like having the light in the water permanently or make use of it on one-off boat trips it will still be effective.

How to Use the Fishing Light?

The first thing about a fishing line is that it cannot move, when you’re casting the fishing light from a moving boat its not going to be affective because you are not giving time for any fish to be attracted towards the light. The vibrations from the boats engine will not exactly helpful so you need to shut down your boat and cast your anchor then the fishing light once you have picked a fishing spot.

You don’t have to be on a boat to find a good fishing spot, fishing from the edge of a lake can be a great spot to send out your fishing light to attract fish. You want to set the light down by around a meter which allows you to be deep around for it to the bait the the type of fish you want to catch, for you to do this you have to take in account for high and low tides as well as making sure that you account for high and low tides making it more feasible when fishing from the side of a lake.

Once you have found the right fishing spot you can than cast out your fishing light and wait for your opportunity for the fish to come towards you and enjoy a great fishing experience.

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